See (U)RL: Crybaby’s Regenerative List Submission

What if you could virtually go to a zine fest? Crybaby wants to create that. Read about our Regenerative Futures submission.

What if you could virtually go to a zine fest? Not just look at a website with links & pages, but walk from room to room, talk to other attendees & sellers, attend panels, watch and participate in workshops?

Well all the tech to create that experience already exists and Crybaby wants to make it possible with our idea entitled “See (U)RL.” Not only would it be globally accessible and sustainable, but it would be a way for game design to enter the publishing world—specifically the zine world.

To learn more about our idea for the Regenerative List call for submissions, scroll through our digital zine down below! Hope you like our idea (and our editorial staff in Zepeto form).

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